The ability to meet all the needs of a cardiac patient in one well-designed location is a game changer.

Before joining Pritikin ICR earlier this year, I managed a hospital-based cardiac and pulmonary rehab program with 5 locations spread out across various counties. Naturally, I have a special appreciation for the efficiency of physician-based cardiology groups like Cardiology and Fitness Medicine.

The latest facility to join the Pritikin ICR fold, Dr. Francisco Nascimento and his team have always offered a comprehensive list of services, but it is their recent cardiac rehab expansion that has really set them apart. Theirs is the first physician-based practice on the southeast coast of Florida to offer Intensive Cardiac Rehab to its patients.

During one of my recent site visits, I asked the team how the Pritikin ICR program has transformed their cardiac rehab program and was happy to hear positive responses all around.

Exercise Physiologist Andrew Gordon shared, “The Pritikin ICR program provides a way for us to individualize our program to better suit our patient's needs.” As his patients move through the program, they will not only enhance their physical fitness, but they will learn how to maintain heart health in every other area of their lives. Pritikin ICR’s comprehensive curriculum aims to meet every patient where they are, educating and thus empowering them to make positive lifestyle changes. Gordon and his co-workers have access to expert support every step of the way and continuous content updates including over 100 heart-healthy recipes to help them best support patients’ heart-healthy nutrition, healthy mind-set, and exercise.

I can get a good sense of what a facility is like after speaking with the staff but even better than that is the opportunity to observe them at work. While on-site, I witnessed some amazing interactions with not only the cardiac rehab staff but with Dr. Nascimento and mid-level providers within the office. Providers make a habit of stopping by the cardiac rehab gym to check in with their patients and encourage them throughout their rehab program. I even got to see Dr. Nascimento physically walk one of his patients down the hall to the gym to explain just what the intensive cardiac rehab process would be like before helping the patient schedule their initial evaluation.

This level of support and continuous engagement can have a significant impact on patient success. Cardiology and Fitness Medicine’s unique approach coupled with their top-of-the-line services in one convenient location is second to none. Based on what I saw during my latest visit, I know this site will be successful, and am looking forward to working with them for many years to come!

The team of three intensive cardiac rehab staff members at Cardiology and Fitness Medicine are standing by some exercise equipment holding up a sign with their company name and logo.