I must admit, I have a soft spot for my latest Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) site.

Traditionally, cardiac rehab departments are often managed and staffed by RNs and Exercise Physiologists. AdventHealth Deland does things a bit differently as most of their staff are respiratory therapists (RT).

As a former cardiac and pulmonary rehab manager and a respiratory therapist myself, I can attest to the fact that RTs are true cardiopulmonary specialists. When included in cardiac care, they often play a vital role in patient recovery. Given that many cardiac rehab patients often have other pulmonary-related co-morbidities, the unique expertise of an RT on staff can make a difference to many critically ill patients.

The Deland ICR team managed by a respiratory therapist, radiologic technologist, and cardiovascular ultrasound specialist, is made up of three RTs and one RN. Their diverse specialties complement each other well, creating an amazing environment for intensive cardiac rehab patients.

The recent adoption of the Pritikin ICR program has further augmented AdventHealth’s “whole person approach” to healthcare they define as a whole mind, body, and spirit approach. In focusing our curriculum around the three pillars of regular exercise, a balanced eating plan, and a healthy mind-set, our patient outlook closely mirrors AdventHealth’s guiding principles outlined in their use of the acronym CREATION life.

Trust in God
Interpersonal relationships

As Mary Jane Lindquist, RN shared, “the greatest impact the Pritikin ICR program has brought is structure to the education side of our Cardiac Rehab program. This allows us to be very intentional about the education we’re providing patients and ensures we cover all the topics important to our patients and their heart health.”

Pritikin ICR provides the tools and resources to allow this powerhouse team to structure their program to appropriately meet everyone’s needs. I have no doubt this group will have great success stories to tell soon!

4 staff members stand and 3 sit smiling for the camera in their facility's exercise area. All are wearing scrubs.
Top row, left to right: Thomas Menzel, CRT; Judith Falcon, CRT; Elizabeth Chapman, CRT; Mary Jane Lindquist, RN; Front row, left to right: James Hunt, RCS, RVS, ICR Supervisor; Renee Pegram, RTR, Director; Marlyn Moir, RRT, ICR Manager; April Kelton MS, RD, LD/N, CDCES, CLC (Not pictured)