It’s one thing for us to believe in our product but quite another when our providers are just as excited about our offering. If you have ever wondered what intensive cardiac rehab staff think about Pritikin ICR’s products and services, you should keep reading!

As part of our effort to strive for continuous improvement, earlier this year we asked our providers to respond to the following question:

"On a scale of 0-10, how likely are they to recommend the Pritikin ICR program to a colleague or another cardiac rehab facility?"

The garnered responses helped us establish our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and additional responses shared added color to each respondent's perception of our program.

What is a Net Promoter Score and how does our score compare?

For those unfamiliar, net promoter scores are widely used as the industry standard to capture customer satisfaction. The lowest possible net promoter score any organization could receive would be a score of -100. Conversely, the highest possible NPS score would be +100. Bain & Company, who developed the Net Promotor Score, suggest the following score assessments:

  • Above 0 is good
  • Above 20 is favorable
  • Above 50 is excellent
  • Above 80 is world-class

At this point, you are likely wondering what Pritikin ICR’s NPS was. After tabulating responses from 58% of our providers, our world-class score of 81 was revealed. The following includes the spread of input:

  • 81% promoters, 0 Detractors
  • 13 rated 7-8
  • 56 rated 9-10
  • 0 rated 0-6

While organizations across various industries use NPS to measure and manage customer loyalty, you might be wondering how our score stacks up when compared with the healthcare industry. The average NPS score within healthcare is somewhere around + 58.  Not only is our score considered very high in general, but it’s also exceptionally high within our industry.

What our providers have to say

Along with quantitative responses contributing to our NPS score, in an effort to also collect qualitative feedback, we offered a field for our providers to include comments, here are some of the most frequently shared sentiments:

“Finding a way and time to educate. Pritikin takes care of all of this for a program. I would never go back to a traditional program.”
“[Most] programs focus on exercise, this program focuses on education and as a result we have seen patients lose several points in BMI as well as come off medications. It is unbelievable to see the success and I am proud to have Pritikin as a partner.”
“I love that it's a comprehensive program that focuses on the three pillars: exercise, diet, and healthy mind-set. Geared towards the entire patient, mind and body. I also like how it's research-based and proven to decrease the likelihood of a reoccurring event, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and the inflammatory process.”

I know I can speak for everyone on my team when I say we are so proud and honored to have received such feedback. It motivates us even more to continue to contribute meaningfully to the cardiovascular healthcare community, bringing world-class service and products to our providers and, by proxy, their patients. Just ask our providers. 😉