Many in the healthcare sector are already familiar with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) triple aim for populations: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs. First introduced in 2008 by Don Berwick, Tom Nolan, and John Wittington, it’s considered the ultimate goal for high-performing hospitals and health systems. The trifecta was most recently augmented by a 2014 addition: improving clinician experience. This last piece of the puzzle established a new standard of the Quadruple Aim. Backed by decades of research, Pritikin can help ensure your cardiac rehab program meets all four goals:

Graphic shows Pritikin man in the center and equidistant around him are the the quad aims: Better Outcomes, Lower Costs, Improved Patient Experience and Improved Clinician Experience.

Better Outcomes

With double the number of billable sessions as traditional cardiac rehab – 72 vs. 36 – Pritikin offers providers an opportunity to improve patient outcomes. There is a direct linear benefit between strong cardiac rehab participation and improved risk reduction. According to a study published in Circulation in January 2010, the more sessions a patient attends, the greater their ability to take control over the disease, thereby reducing their risk of mortality and myocardial infarction.

Two charts illustrating the Circulation study mentioned above. One chart specifically looks at Cumulative Incidence of Mortality and the other, Cumulative Incidence of Myocardial Infraction

A large historical cohort study published earlier this year also confirms this long-held dose-response association between cardiac rehab session attendance and reduced risk of major adverse cardiovascular events, including death.

And who better to illustrate outcomes of our program than program graduates? The patient shown below participated in Pritikin ICR at one of our licensed locations in Nevada. Pictured here with his cardiac rehab team, he lost three times the amount of fat he is holding in this graduation photo! This patient’s story is just one of many: to-date, nearly 50,000 patients nationwide have experienced the Pritikin ICR program which empowers them to take their health into their own hands, so to speak.

Tall patient is standing between three CR staff holding a big model of fat in both his outstretched hands.

Lower Costs

In many ways, cost effectiveness can be considered the most important of the four aims. In order for a cardiac rehab program to be successful, it must be sustainable from a financial perspective. In terms of long-term viability, qualifying events for Pritikin ICR are the same as traditional cardiac rehab, and unlike other ICR programs, referred patients are not asked to complete an oftentimes self-excluding questionnaire before beginning the program. Additionally, since Pritikin ICR features twice the number of Medicare-approved rehab sessions, average CMS reimbursement for each patient completing all 72 prescribed sessions is much higher than traditional cardiac rehab: average reimbursement is about $8,350 per patient.

With reasonable operating costs and no upfront costs, Pritikin ICR offers significant incremental revenue while enhancing the clinical value of your program. To obtain a customized pro forma analysis for your practice, contact your business development representative or complete our Pritikin ICR interest form.

Improved Patient Experience

Because Pritikin ICR features twice the number of sessions as traditional cardiac rehab, each visit consists of exercise and education, the latter focused around Pritikin’s three pillars: regular exercise, a heart-healthy eating plan, and a healthy mind-set. From the patient perspective, Pritikin’s goal is to meet every patient wherever they are in their cardiac rehab journey, whether they’re ready to jump in immediately by making major lifestyle changes or whether they choose to take smaller, gradual steps towards improving their health.

Our educational model consists of a variety of tools and resources: professionally-produced videos, immersive live workshops, engaging cooking classes, individualized Registered Dietitian and Health Coaching consults, and numerous printed materials to reinforce learning at home.  Each patient receives a treatment plan customized to their healthcare needs and lifestyle goals, ensuring they are engaged in the recovery process and equipped for success long after they graduate from the program.

Ultimately, Pritikin takes a flexible and welcoming approach to Intensive Cardiac Rehab. The Pritikin ICR program integrates seamlessly into licensed facilities’ existing weekly calendars which makes scheduling simple, and loved ones are encouraged to attend alongside the patient for additional encouragement and support.

You can watch the video below to hear more about the Pritikin ICR experience, directly from patients at our licensed facilities.

Improved Clinician Experience

Clinicians are often our program’s strongest advocates. There is nothing more discouraging than treating a patient’s cardiac condition, only to have them suffer another health setback because they were unable to make critical lifestyle changes. Clinicians appreciate Pritikin ICR because it takes a patient-friendly approach to lifestyle change and because, simply stated, the Pritikin program is effective.

“The Pritikin program has changed our culture in a very meaningful way. Our job at Arkansas Heart Hospital is not only to be the thought leaders in cardiovascular medicine, but also the implementers of the best strategies for patient care and for treating the complex nature of vascular disease.” – Bruce Murphy, MD, Arkansas Heart Hospital Founder

From the outset, our proven implementation and training process makes start-up seamless. And once your Pritikin ICR program has officially launched, we become a true partner in your success through dedicated account management, monthly business reviews, and ongoing training for your staff. The entire Pritikin ICR team is dedicated to ensuring that every one of our licensed sites is completely supported as they steward the Pritikin ICR program – whether they’re a modest physician-based practice, a broad multi-facility healthcare system, or somewhere in-between.

To hear directly from several of our clinicians, we encourage you to view two testimonial videos featuring Arkansas Heart and Michigan Heart. Both case studies were documented by MedAxiom, a division of the American College of Cardiology, with whom Pritikin ICR is proud to partner as we collectively explore innovative cardiovascular solutions and healthcare performance metrics, such as Quadruple Aim.