Learning a new heart healthy lifestyle is now easier with a complete “tool kit”!

After months of editing and designing, the look and feel of our patient materials have been enhanced to match the high quality of our content. We are proud to announce that our Patient Engagement Kits, complete with our sleek new Patient Guidebook, have started making their way to patients!

In addition to the new Patient Guidebook, each kit features a water bottle, resistance band*, pens for note-taking, and motivational buttons. All items fit comfortably in an easy-to-carry zip-top tote bag complete with a luggage tag patients can personalize.

Key Features

Each item in the Patient Engagement Kit was thoughtfully designed to include everything a patient might need to complete the Pritikin ICR program. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • The slim tote bag is easy-to-carry without being bulky and the zip-top helps items stay in place.
  • The sturdy flip-straw water bottle makes hydrating during exercise simple and non-disruptive.
  • The exercise band is kept neat, clean, and easily accessible in a snug little pouch.
  • We asked program providers and Pritikin ICR staff to vote on their favorite button designs – the winning designs represent each of our three pillars, cooking school workshops, and a graduation pin.
  • The back page of the Patient Guidebook doubles as a folder with a pocket big enough to fit any personalized notes, guides, and individualized handouts.

Patient Guidebook

Our Patient Guidebook is without a doubt the crowning jewel of our Patient Engagement Kit.

The Patient Guidebook aims to engage patients in the learning process, provide a personalized playbook as they work through the Pritikin ICR program, and serve as a long-term resource after graduation.

The new Patient Guidebook is all-inclusive with everything a patient might need in a compact spiral-bound book. It includes customizable one-on-one consult resources, recipes, interactive worksheets, and reference guides for each of the workshops taught in the program. Its portable design makes it easy to bring back and forth to rehab, eliminating the need for facilities to make space for on-site storage.

Our new Patient Engagement Kits have been met with much enthusiasm:

“Our new kits arrived today. They look great! ...Love the new booklets!! They are so colorful and inviting to read!! Great job!” - CHI Health St. Elizabeth
“We ordered patient engagement kits and received them! We absolutely love them!” - Baptist Union City

We are looking forward to hearing from more patients and providers as they receive our Patient Engagement Kits. These new kits are sure to have a positive impact on patient success!


*The resistance bands in our Patient Engagement Kits are made of TPE plastic and do not contain latex.

This post was originally written by Christina Lewis RD, a former Account Management employee.