Medicare-approved program now affiliated with over 30 locations across the U.S.

As part of their commitment to provide cardiac patients with the best care, hospital facilities across the United States are adopting the Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR) program. Pritikin ICR is a Medicare-approved, comprehensive lifestyle change program that teaches patients how to maximize recovery from a cardiovascular disease-related event. The Pritikin Program has been taught at the Pritikin Longevity Center, a health and wellness facility in Miami, Florida, for nearly four decades. It is licensed in over 30 hospital facilities nationwide and is growing rapidly.

“Pritikin ICR has been a game-changer,” said Dr. Bruce Murphy, President and CEO at Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock. “We’ve not only seen improved outcomes in patients who have undergone a cardiac procedure, patients have systematically walked away with lives forever changed. The feedback from our patients has been incredible. They feel healthier, stronger and able to achieve what they once thought was impossible. Now we’re expanding to additional locations.”

Pritikin ICR licensed facilities enjoy significantly greater benefits over ordinary Cardiac Rehab (CR). CR programs offer patients 36 sessions primarily focused on exercise. The Pritikin ICR program, by contrast, offers 36 exercise sessions plus an additional 36 sessions that focus on nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle, and a healthy mindset. The objective of the Pritikin ICR program is to educate patients and provide them with the tools needed to be successful upon completion — for example, cooking classes, label reading, stress management and exercise routines.

“In the few years we have been offering Pritikin ICR, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in revenue and program sustainability, but for me it’s all about the patients,” said Craig Reiss, MD, FACC, Division Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at the St. Luke’s Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute in St. Louis, which is affiliated with Cleveland Clinic. “Pritikin ICR teaches patients practical skills for maintaining a healthy lifestyle long after they have graduated from the program.”

These results are not surprising. More than 100 peer-reviewed published studies have documented the Pritikin program’s success in reducing risk factors for heart disease and other conditions. As a result, Medicare will pay for up to 72 sessions of the Pritikin ICR program covering both comprehensive exercise and lifestyle-change education.

Pritikin ICR President, Bob Franceschelli, stated, “Pritikin ICR is a user-friendly program for hospitals and patients with no upfront fees and low operating costs. Our hospitals enjoy the ability to offer the program to their patients at their facility using their staff.”

To learn more about offering the Pritikin ICR program contact Jenny Ray at or call 314-932-7990.